Hi, I’m Tom Holbrook, a bookstore owner, typewriter repairman, and an independent publisher who has helped more than 100 authors bring their first book into the world. I am also a certified Three Story Method Editor.

Wherever you are in the process, my team and I can help you further along the path. And, if we can’t, we’ll connect you with someone who can, all while providing friendly communication and transparent billing.
Questions? Shoot me an email!

We strive to be the world’s most transparent author service. We charge $50/hour, regardless of the service, and if you aren’t happy with our work, you don’t pay.

You need help. We all need help at some point. The question is, do you know what kind of help you need? What questions to even ask?

That’s where I come in. As a bookstore owner, I’ve met countless authors who paid someone too much money for a substandard product. And by too much I mean $5000 – $10,000!

In today’s publishing world, you need your book to be professional, even if you are publishing it independent of a major publishing house. Especially if you are.

It’s okay to not know all the answers. It’s not okay to throw up your hands and quit. You’ve come too far, and you have too much potential.

Contact me, and we’ll set up a free Zoom call to figure out where you are in the process and what skills you need to get over the finish line and publish your book. You can do it!

Here are some of our services

Setting up your publishing empire.

Don’t know where to start with KDP or Ingram Spark? Don’t even know what they are? We’ll get you set up so that you can be your own publisher, and show you how to track sales, order books, and even set up ads!

Book Coaching

Are you stuck? Is there a problem with your outline? Is your main character flat? Let us take a look, we’re story experts. Consult with us on an hourly basis, and we’ll offer tips and point you toward resources that might help, whether your problem is prose, grammar, plotting, or mindset. You sometimes just need another set of eyes. Click here for more about the details and costs of coaching.

Developmental Editing

You’ve finished your first draft, and your friends and relatives have read it. They say it’s “pretty good,” but they don’t seem that excited about it. YOU don’t seem that excited about it. Why isn’t your story working? We can help. Click here for more about the details and costs of developmental editing.

Content/Line Editing

Continuity, sentence structure, dialogue, fact-checking. We really love to get into the weeds and examine your manuscript line by line. Did Blair have blue eyes in Chapter Two but brown eyes in Chapter Seven? Is it “your” or “you’re”? “Through” or “threw”? Bill Gates isn’t going to help you, but we can. Click here for more about the details and costs of content and line editing.

Interior Formatting

You’re an independent author, good for you! But your book needs to look like a professional book, and that includes what it looks like on the inside: Chapter headings, page numbers, inserted images, etc.
We take care to make sure your book looks like a real book.
Click here for more about the details and costs of formatting.


This is the final, final step. The great typo hunt. It’s really not something you can do yourself; it takes a second, or third, set of eyes. There’s nothing worse than a two star Amazon review by someone calling out your mistakes. Not when it can be avoided. Click here for more about the details and costs of proofreading.

Cover Design

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but cover design is so much fun I’d probably do it for free (if I didn’t need to eat).
Your cover needs to not only look professional, but it needs to tell the reader what kind of book to expect. This is incredibly important. As much as I love designing covers, if I feel I can’t give you what your book needs, I’ll connect you with a designer who can. Your cover has to look professional if you want it to find readers.
Click here for more about the details and costs of cover design.


Ed Swanson, author of Mesmer’s Disciple