Okay, this was an interesting change of pace, and a nice fresh voice. When this book published, it had a lot of mentions in author communities, and I can see why. I understand picking a catchy title, but it should really be called “Using Universal Fantasy to make any book better.”

The author’s entire premise is that there is a things called Universal Fantasies that are tropes that are particularly strong button pushers, and we shouldn’t shy away from them, even if they can be a little embarrassing, because readers love them. Nothing new there, but what I really took note of is that you should be identifying these fantasies in your book, and making sure you use them in your marketing materials, because readers have a visceral reaction to them. It’s way better to focus on these aspects in your book description than simply a catchy description of the plot.

While this book is probably most useful for romance writers, I think it has solid information for anyone.

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